Artists Bruno Ferro Xavier da Silva and Gwen Stok explore an illusive sanatorium with the creation of Trompette de la Mort. Their art has a macabre but playful feeling to it, as if you’re the guest of honour among cannibals, while trying to remember proper table manners.

Bruno and Gwen decided to work together in 2014. Their first show was in December 2014 but this was just the beginning…

They are specialised in ink drawings (small and big) but paintings as well.
Each have all lot of experience on their own, you can see their own work on their websites.

Thank you for your interest in us, and visiting our website!

You can also find Trompette de la Mort on Facebook!

Explore the personal work of Gwen Stok.

Explore the personal work of Bruno Ferro Xavier da Sila.

Here you can find a list of some of the most frequent questions we get. If you still miss an answer to a question you have feel free to contact us!

Is your work for sale?
Most certainly! Please contact us for more information about size, price, etcetera.
Do you also do commissioned work?

Yes, we can do illustrations, murals and paintings. And of course we like to be challenge; so if you have something in mind let us know.

Does your work always have a dark/morbid flavour?
If it’s up to us, yes. But we are open to suggestions when working on commissioned work.
How long does it take to make something together?
Depending on the size and nature of a project, most works are completed within a month or less.
Do you really work together, at the same time?
All our pieces are made together at the same time.